Fünf Jahre Griessmühle

2016  —  Art Direction, Packaging


In May 2016 Griessmühle celebrated five years of existence with a huge birthday party lasting three days and nights non-stop. Providing a various music program of almost 60 hours with dozens of DJs and live acts of all genres, from fluffy cosmic disco house to brutally dark techno, this event called for a special artwork. As the in-house Art Director I was faced with that task. I decided to base the promotion media, such as posters and digital artwork, on an illustration of our distinctive Silos. Transformed into several bright colored characters with crazy and dirty attitudes they worked as a pattern to be used on a various field of application. Besides the promotion artwork we also came up with some subliminal "merchandise" such as a special limited edition of Fred zigarettes that will be available at the club or all new cocktail glasses.



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